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Sensable Media began in 2002, founded by Sue Orton-Flynn and Malcolm Buchanan-Dick. We now have a team of permanent staff along with other contractors and helpers. Our main focus as a company is now the Stockashop ecommerce system. Please read about our team:

Sue Orton-Flynn, Director and designer
Sue has experience of running a graphic design business for several years and is a qualified information designer with a Doctorate in interface design for accessibility. In the past she lectured in web design and interactive multimedia to undergraduate and post graduate design students. More recently she has been designing accessible web sites for the creative industries and consulting on accessibility. Sue organises the day to day running of the business and motivates a team with the right mix of skills. She directs the future development of the Stockashop system, its partners and its shops.

Andover Projection Wall Malcolm Buchanan Dick, Sales director
Malcolm is a professional artist who has developed his practice in the area of digital installation and interactive projection. He is highly skilled with digital media and technology. Malcolm is a director of Stockashop and manages the sales side of Stockashop and its long term strategies, keeping a watchful eye on the competition and the market.

Paul Tero, Programmer
Paul has been a web programmer for over twelve years. He programmed the Stockashop system with Sue and now provides maintenance, technical support and ever more features and improvements. His proudest moments are automatic weekly reordering of vegetable boxes for Crumbs of Sussex and a very successful retail website for TowelsRUs.


Sensable Media are the creators of Stockashop,
Stockashop Designer,
Sensable Things
and Pure Lure.


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